Expat/Executive Payroll

Our memo on expatriate and executive payroll in Suriname.

download: Expat & Executive Payroll Suriname – March 2018

Lately we have received various questions from Companies on their payroll. We notice that the payroll is not executed most efficiently. Is some cases there was no optimization, resulting in a high effective tax rate. In other cases, the payroll was simply not compliant.

‘In our experience, an expat/executive should have an effective payroll tax rate of around 30% or less. If it is higher, the payroll is likely not optimized.’

The payroll set up for an expatriate or executive is a frequent discussion topic in Companies. Our firm has helped Companies local and foreign with the transition to a more efficient Expat/Executive payroll. Each time we aim to optimize each payroll within the confines of the Law and Tax Practice, providing the best-case scenario for both the employee and employer

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